YTD Inventory / Shipment Report
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Market Analysis
1st Marketing MonthCrop: 20211. IPA’s post‐harvest crop estimate stands at 135,000 MT of dried in‐shell pistachios. With an estimated carry-over of 5,000 tons from the 2020 crop, Iran’s estimated gross inventory at the beginning of the current marketing year stands at 140,000 tons.

2. The 2021 crop came in lower than expected volume and quality, with smaller nut-size and higher than average share of floaters; hence the price/quality dynamics are expected to differ from last year in the current marketing year.

3. Price disparity between domestic and international markets of Iranian pistachios, brought by a shortfall in 2021 Iranian crop and stagnant USD to IRR exchange rate in the presence of a very high local inflation rate, has slowed down Iranian pistachio trade. This has resulted in a weaker demand for in-shell shipments in most markets, with a few exceptions such as the CIS market.

4. On the other hand, Iranian pistachio kernels are in high demand, owing to their price competitiveness, unique taste, color and diversity. This high demand for Iranian pistachio kernels, has resulted in a de facto price floor for Iranian in-shell pistachios.

5. Little harvest of GPPK raw material in 2021 in addition to the gradual increase in GPPK demand in recent months due to improving Covid-19 conditions in destination markets has contributed to increasing prices of this product. In contrast to the past two crop years, it seems that the Iranian pistachio industry will end the 2021-2022 marketing year with very little GPPK carry-over into the next crop year.
Carry in from prevoius year5,000
Total Production135,000
Gross Inventory140,000
Domestic Consumption2,000
Export Shipments17,000
Adjustment/losses, Export1,000
Total Consumption20,000
Ending Inventory120,000
Note : addjustment / losses related to shelling and peeling process of kernels and green kernels.


Current Crop Year 

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