With a view to promoting Iranian pistachios in world markets, IPA has participated in the following international food exhibitions:

SIAL 2010 (Paris, France)

ANUGA 2011 (Cologne, Germany)

WORLD FOOD 2011 (Moscow, Russia)

PRODEXPO 2012 (Moscow, Russia)

FOODEX 2012 (Tokyo, Japan)

SIAL 2012 (Paris, France)

ANUGA 2013 (Cologne, Germany)

SIAL 2014 (Shanghai, China)

ANUGA 2015 (Cologne, Germany)

ANUGA 2017 (Cologne, Germany)

ANUGA 2019 (Cologne, Germany)

ANUGA 2021 (Cologne, Germany)

 ANUGA 2023 (Cologne, Germany)

MEWA 2024 (New Delhi, India)