IPA offers various services to its members with the aim of promoting their interests, as well as the interests of the Iranian pistachio industry as a whole, both within Iran and internationally. This includes presenting our members with the latest information from within the industry, as well as regarding matters from external sources that may affect the industry. This involves representing our members' views vis- -vis Iranian government authorities and rules and regulations; as well as representing the Iranian pistachio industry at international forums and gatherings as a way of promoting the interests of the industry and promoting Iranian pistachios.
Below are some of the services that we offer to our members:
1- News and information dissemination via
IPA's Persian and English websites containing the latest figures, statistics and news related to the worldwide pistachio industry in addition to information on latest projects and activities of IPA.
A bi-weekly Persian newsletter, distributed among all members of the IPA, covering a wide range of national and international news issues relating to pistachios and the pistachio industry. The newsletter also covers news about the activities of the IPA commissions and the Board of Directors, and provides a forum for members to exchange views.
2- Establishing an information pool for Iranian pistachio industry insiders and consumers by
Creating databases on Iranian pistachio growers, processors, traders and service providers;
Gathering information and views from experts in various sectors of the pistachio industry;
Gathering information about books, publications and websites on pistachios.
3- The promotion of pistachios and the expansion of Iranian pistachio exports to world markets through the following means:
- Participation in International Events
With a view to improving the standing of Iranian pistachios in world markets, the IPA aims to participate in major international exhibitions, to promote Iranian pistachios in these target markets and introduce these markets to the advances made in the Iranian pistachio industry and the advantages of Iranian pistachios. By participating in these exhibitions, IPA promotes and publicizes its members' activities and directs potential clients to appropriate suppliers.
IPA also participates in international seminars related to the various sectors of the industry to stay abreast of the latest developments and defend and promote the interests of the Iranian pistachio industry and its members.
- Advertising Campaigns
IPA tries to promote the consumption of Iranian pistachios, enhancing the Iranian pistachio's position among all other tree nuts, by the publication of booklets, pamphlets, and posters with clear messages and recommendations from experienced parties involved in the pistachio industry. This may include soliciting government Export Promotion Funds to introduce Iranian pistachios to markets where the Iranian market share needs to be expanded.
- Attempt to Reduce Target Market Barriers
IPA attempts to reduce the import tariffs or other export barriers existing in Iranian pistachio target markets through cooperation with relevant governmental and/or international organizations. This may entail obtaining the same preferential treatment that some other countries may enjoy in a consumer country.
4- Organizing international tours for IPA members to acquaint them with the pistachio industry in other countries.
Since 2009 the IPA has been organizing tours for people involved in the pistachio industry (growers, processors, traders and other experts in other related fields) to gain an insight into how the pistachio industry in other countries operate. With this aim, two tours have been arranged to Turkey and Syria in 2009/10 and a visit to Greece in 2010. The aim is to create connections with experts and investors in other countries to exchange knowledge and expertise resulting in the advancement of the Iranian industry and exploring potential cross-investments.
5- Screening of members
Over the course of the next few years, IPA is planning to monitor the business integrity of its members and where necessary suspend temporarily or permanently membership of voting members to enhance the reputation of the Association and its members.
6- Identification of current and future problems in horticulture, processing and trade of Iranian pistachios and suggesting solutions to our members in order to remedy the existing problems.