YTD Inventory / Shipment Report
In Tons
Marketing Comments
11th Marketing MonthCrop: 20201. Export shipments through 22nd of August stand at 216,000 tons (in-shell equivalent), second only to 2007 record crop year. Increase in worldwide pistachio consumption and competitive prices have contributed to the exceptional shipment figures.
2. The arithmetical negative figure for the Ending Inventory at the bottom of the opposite table is the result of underestimation of the 2020 crop total production. IPA will revise its 2020 crop estimate in October 2021 when the data for the whole marketing year is at hand.
3. Price disparity between the domestic and global market, brought by the recent fluctuations in the Rial exchange rate against foreign currencies, has slowed down local pistachio trade.
4. The sharp difference between the government imposed foreign exchange rate and the free-market rate is expected to affect Iranian pistachio export in the new marketing year.
5. IPA’s 2021 pre-harvest crop forecast was at 150,000 tons (dry in-shell basis). Based on IPA estimates, the new crop consists of about 40% Ahmad Aghaei, 30% Fandoghi, 15% Jumbo and 15% Akbari.
6. Harvest is underway in most producing areas. The quality of crop 2021 seems to be closer to average with smaller nut size and higher percentage of closed-shell and floaters compared to last year.
Carry in from prevoius year22,000
Total Production190,000
Gross Inventory212,000
Domestic Consumption28,000
Export Shipments193,000
Adjustment/losses, Export23,000
Total Consumption244,000
Ending Inventory-32,000
Note : addjustment / losses related to shelling and peeling process of kernels and green kernels.


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