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YTD Inventory / Shipment Report
In Tons
8th Marketing MonthCrop: 20231. Export shipments exceeded expectations during the 8th marketing month, most likely due to a temporary devaluation of the Iranian Rial. Whether this rise in exports will remain sustainable in the following months is to be seen, given that exchange rate fluctuations in Iran influence exporters' confidence and desire for pistachio trade.

2. Iranian pistachio export channels during the 8th marketing month were limited to CIS countries, Indian Subcontinent and the Middle Eastern countries. Spot demand seems to exist in these markets, as opposed to the Far East and the EU, where the market pipelines seem to be already filled with Californian pistachios that were accumulated during the previous months at competitive prices.

3. Year-to-date export shipments by the 8th marketing month has reached 95,000 MT of in-shell equivalent pistachios. With an estimated 20,000 MT of domestic consumption, the remaining marketable inventory at the end of the 8th marketing month is estimated to be 85,000 MT of dried in-shell pistachios.

4. Iranian pistachio kernels were in high demand during the first half of the current marketing year which resulted in a de facto price floor for Iranian in-shell pistachios. However, from late April onward, the global demand for pistachio kernels seems to be easing to some extent.

5. IPA’s rough guesstimate of Iranian 2024 crop at the INC annual Congress stood at 200,000 MT of in-shell pistachios. The official forecast of the new crop will be out in July.
Carry in from prevoius year20,000
Total Production180,000
Gross Inventory200,000
Domestic Consumption (20,000)
Export Shipments (78,000)
Adjustment/losses, Export (17,000)
Total Consumption (115,000)
Ending Inventory85,000
Note : addjustment / losses related to shelling and peeling process of kernels and green kernels.


Current Crop Year 

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    IPA Pistachio Tour of Turkey- September 2018
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    Pistachio Tour of Kerman by Qhom Agricultural Commission- September 2018
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    China International Tree Nuts Conference 2018- Zhuhai, China
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    INC Congress 2018- Seville, Spain
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    ANUGA Food Fair 2018
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    IPA 4th Biennial Forum- December 2017- Kish Island
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    Water Market Meeting with Dr. Mashayekhi from Sharif University- Winter 2017
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    IPA Pistachio Tour of Khash, Sistan o Baluchestan- Autumn 2017
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    FRUCOM Dried Fruit and Nuts Working Group- February 2018- Brussels, Belgium